Handmade Leather Guitar Strap | TOP 5 Straps

Handmade Leather Guitar Strap | TOP 5 Straps

Posted by Jeremy Gryder on 20th Nov 2017

Here are our top 5 best selling leather guitar straps from peteschmidt.com. Each handmade leather guitar strap is made with great attention to detail in Lima, Peru by our hand-picked leather craftsman. These straps are all three layers to ensure strength and flexibility. They all come with a lifetime guarantee so even if you are rough on your gear, you can always count on your Pete Schmidt gear. After all "Your Gear Hangs on Our Reputation!”

Coming in at the #5 spot is:

5. The Serpentine 2 1/2" Strap

Serpentine Handmade Leather Guitar Strap

This is our one of a kind Brown Iguana leather, accenting the Black Iguana leather, strap making a very unique and comfortable design. Sure to be great for any player looking for the unique strap to fit his/her favorite guitar.

4. The Vintage Bone White 2 1/2" Strap

This strap is made from the ultra-smooth bone white premium leather and really looks cool on black or darker guitars.

3. The Vintage Black 2 1/2 " Strap

The black vintage strap looks amazing on almost any guitar, but especially blacked out guitars or vintage guitars.

4. The Vintage Black Medallion 2 1/2 inch strap

This Strap is the pride of our collection and vintage players absolutely love it. This is my personal favorite!

5 . The 50's Vintage Brown Strap

The vintage brown 50's strap is just one "cool cat.” With the crinkled brown leather and shoulder pad, it really stands out. This is a must-have for any vintage player.

So take your pick from any of these or our many other straps from our collection. We carry plenty of other straps like our cloth straps. Also, we are currently developing a few more additions to our line up. If you are a mandolin or banjo player, we have straps for you as well. Dont forget our pick panel wallets so you always have your pick with you, and please stop by peteschmidt.com for all of your music accessory needs.